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Baby Freshers


Baby Freshers

Baby swimmers start their journey from bath time play to the local pool, a great experience or a disaster? We all have great hopes that our little ones will love the experience of totally submerging underwater and bring home a souvenir image you can keep and put on your iPhone to show family and friends.

Some of these images will have you gasping as they are not pretty at all and  parents are told baby is having an off day so go through the whole process again with the same distressing results. Why don’t parents stop and say, ” enough is enough?” Teaching a baby to swim happily and safely is the first step to great images.

Research clearly shows that babies have a natural ability to swim and these skills can be developed just like other physical skills such as learning to crawl and eventually walk.

These are recognised proven methods of teaching babies to swim and each theory has one strand in common and that is,” take your time “. Most swim schools adopting baby swimming rush to take that first image and for so many parents this is why they sign up so they too can have that one single underwater image. The reality is at the very least disappointing and almost always very upsetting.

To take a great image you need the right Preparation, Pool and experienced Photographer, I call this the three P’s.

Some photographers on these shoots have never taken underwater images of babies before and don’t have a clue on what to expect! Photographers turn up in a full length wet suit and an aqua lung, with goggles and weight belt, Why???

Parents are left in the pool with very little baby swimming experience and requested to stand out of the shot as baby dangles in the water. No wonder some of these images are seldom published.

Parents, please don’t rush into getting that baby swimming image, wait until you can see your baby happily underwater, moving freely and surfacing without a cry. If you rush in to get that image underwater it may become a potentially dangerous moment in the pool for your baby and the outcome could result in traumatising your baby by this experience and most commonly results in resisting going back into a pool.

Consider these following Tips:-

  1. Can you swim your baby underwater safely?
  2. Do you get a good recovery, no crying or sad faces?
  3. Check out the photographer, don’t just look at selected good images.
  4. How much pool time have you been allocated, or are you waiting in a queue?
  5. Don’t do it if your babies unhappy, never be coerced into doing something just because everyone else is, just say,”No”.

Look I’m not saying don’t go to a photo shoot, for some families they are lucky and can get a good image first time however for so many it is not an experience that they would ever want to repeat.

Reply to this Blog if you have any questions, happy to help.



Clubswiim Team